“Show me the asset, and I'll show you its price.”


Being active in one of the most competitive digital landscapes can be both daunting and challenging. Distinguishing yourself from the fierce competition is essential. With a unique SMM strategy we helped Bynder to stand out from the crowd.


What we were facing

With rapid growth and huge expectations, Bynder needed to quickly grow and expand their social mix to stay ahead of the game.

Strategy & Approach

How we did it

We started optimizing the proven channels and strategies and adding high-potential channels. We sometimes took a B2C approach to B2B by doubling down on Facebook and Instagram, which brought in many valuable leads.

ID card


Discovering new channel opportunities for incremental growth.



Generating B2C strategies for B2B marketing.

A/B testing

A/B Testing

dropping the losers and training the winners.



Exceed targets.


Generating B2B leads

With our unique and personal B2C approach on paid social, we generated hundreds of new B2B leads.


Finding more incrementality

We found incrementality by adding more channels to Bynder’s social mix.


What's the catch?

Our Social Media Marketing efforts led to triple-digit growth in the paid social channels of Bynder in less than 12 months with a lower cost per lead. Stellar performance from this collaboration.

Let Social media marketing become your most valuable asset

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