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Nubis is The Performance Agency with a focus on performance (duh) marketing. Our team is looking for an experienced online marketeer with a passion for personal and professional growth. When you combine technology with lots of performance marketing expertise, a touch of creativity and fun, you’ll get Nubis. The performance agency with a creative solution for every marketing problem. You will work in an autonomous and non-hierarchical team. We are social, informal, and personal. You will work with big brands such as adidas, Samsung and ServiceNow as well as smaller ones with big ambitions. Our company vision is simple: we do it better, and we do it differently. We expect the same from you; you’re innovative and you don’t accept mediocrity from yourself or your colleagues. You have great ambitions, and so do we.

You identify yourself with many (no one’s perfect) of the following:

  • You're not an asshole
  • You’re different, you’re special
  • You are opinionated about digital marketing, you know trends and you actively spot opportunities for clients and Nubis’ growth. You think and act long term
  • You stand up for your opinions, but are open for others’
  • Strategy is king, execution is queen. You don’t create 100 page decks, you strategize and act on those strategies quickly and effectively. We’re not a corporate, corporates hire us for thinking differently and acting quickly
  • You are proactive
  • You love to learn fast
  • You are passionate about something, anything!
  • Autonomous
  • Analytical
  • Solution-oriented, you don’t bring problems, you bring solutions
  • You know how to sell yourself and your organization
  • Very organized or completely disorganized with a great system
  • Confident around people
  • Confident in your abilities and you express that confidence. You humbly believe you will be much, much better than average at this role
  • You have goals in your professional and private life
  • You’re rarely asked something twice
  • You can work autonomously and you’re intrinsically motivated

What we offer:

  • A ping pong table. JK, we put actual work into sustaining our great culture. But yes, we do also have a ping pong table
  • Opportunities to work for big brands such as adidas, Decathlon, PSA, Bestseller, Samsung, ServiceNow and smaller companies who think big
  • Budget for personal growth
  • A steep learning curve
  • We grow quickly and we expect you to grow your roles and responsibilities
  • Dinners and get-togethers
  • Free lunch at the office (if it’s open) from our Chief Happiness Officer
  • Work from home gifts
  • Flexible working times and locations
  • Respect for work-life balance
  • Personal guidance to help you become an even better version of yourself
  • Some €$€$, travel expenses, mobile usage coverage, and an end of year bonus if we continue to excel

What you'll do:

Depends on who you are and what you’re great at (usually what you enjoy doing), but will include most of the following:

  • You will lead big, complex marketing projects with big budgets on both national and international level
  • You will answer difficult questions from colleagues quickly and accurately
  • Search Engine Marketing, mostly SEA on both strategic and operational level
  • Including shopping/CSS
  • SEO on a technical, linkbuilding and on-page level
  • Paid Social
  • Knowledge of Affiliate Marketing is a pre
  • Data & Analytics: you are comfortable with big data sets and highly skilled in interpreting data
  • Data analysis: to generate insights for optimization and translating data insights into action
  • Account management and client contact
  • Work on our long term strategy and vision: we would like you to think with us about our future
  • We have developers and designers in-house, so today’s ideas are tomorrow’s reality!
  • Training and coaching other marketeers
  • Acquisition: you always look for opportunities to cross and upsell

You have:

  • 5+ years of experience in data-driven online marketing or you’re an ex-cep-ti-on-al-ly fast learner
  • Very strong analytical skills and knowledge of tools like GTM/GA/GSC/AA/Tableau
  • Hands on experience with Google Ads, Facebook Business and other paid advertising platforms
  • You are comfortable taking the lead on big, complex projects, often with quick deadlines
  • You are comfortable leading calls with clients
  • You speak Dutch
  • You are fluent in English
  • You have experience in e-commerce
  • Great writing skills which you will demonstrate in your motivation letter
  • Great verbal skills which you will demonstrate in the interview
  • Agency experience is a pre
  • Sales experience is a pre
  • Great project management skills
  • 32-40 hours of availability

Our process:

We invite people to apply the first half of March and will have interviews the second half of March. You will have 2 interviews with different people (to mitigate biases) and one case that you can make at home (yes, you can cheat!). We will ask difficult questions and expect you to do the same. These will test your cognitive and analytical thinking skills, but trust us, we’re nice people (courtesy of the strict no asshole hiring policy). 


We see the first month as a trial, where you’re expected to put your money where your mouth was during the application process. We are not afraid to let people go after this period (for the benefit of both of us), so apply only when you’re confident about yourself and your capabilities in this role. 


Are you ready to take on this opportunity? Apply below and make sure to include your motivation 


We won’t respond to recruiters and applications without great motivation. 

Johan Huizingalaan 763a

1183 VH Amsterdam

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