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Online Marketing has become an inseparable part of modern advertising strategies. But costly mistakes are made easily. For example, research shows that between 25% and 61% of PPC spend is wasted and only 10% of accounts are consistently optimized. That is a serious waste of effort and money.


Nubis & Health Checks

That’s why Nubis developed Health Checks: an independent and ongoing analysis of your advertising accounts and/or website. Together with your team, we make sure that your online presence outperforms those of your competition. Due to the world of Digital Marketing always being on the move, health checks are not designed as a one-time thing but an ongoing collaboration to stay ahead of the game.


What we do

Our Health Checks consists of more than 100 checks, from the essential basics (are conversions being tracked?) to esoteric checks like query mapping and the right use of header tags. We cover SEO, paid search and shopping campaigns and have done so for both multinationals and small businesses. Among the inconsistencies in their accounts, we find one consistency: there is always room for improvement.

Zeynoun Albeik

Search & Shopping Specialist

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