Think outside, forget about the box


With the integration of multi-touch attribution into their digital marketing activities, Decathlon has already proven itself as a company that is willing to look beyond the last-click credit system and give credit where credit’s due. Decathlon expressed the wish to extend this vision to their affiliate channel.


What we were facing

Multi-touch attribution provided Decathlon with many interesting insights for the affiliate channel. But these insights were hard to implement, as affiliates are often only paid when they are the last click in the customer journey. Besides that, they expressed their wish to set up a performance-based collaboration with high-quality content publishers.

Strategy & Approach

How we did it

By setting up an affiliate platform based on multi-touch attribution in combination with a solid publisher discovery and management strategy, we created an affiliate program that is fully performance-based and consists of publishers with high-quality content.



Good communication enabled us to map out Decathlon's wishes.


Publisher Discovery

Finding new publishers with high quality content.


Publisher Management

Establishing an intensive collaboration with both publishers and Decathlon.



A performance-based collaboration with high-quality content publishers.


Introducing cross-channel multi-touch attribution affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing based on cross-channel multi-touch attribution benefits both Decathlon and publishers, as Decathlon only pays for publishers who add incremental value to their business, and publishers are paid for their contribution throughout the entire customer journey instead of only the last click. (Win – Win!)


Adding high quality content publishers to the program

Through intensive publisher discovery, Nubis found several high-quality content publishers that actively contribute to more sales.


What's the catch?

By setting up a program based on multi-touch attribution and consisting of high-quality publishers, we have secured a sustainable and future-proof affiliate channel for Decathlon. Together we proved “there is no box.”

When you need to innovate, you need collaboration

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