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PSA Finance the Netherlands is the lease and financing branch for Peugeot, Citroën and DS in the Netherlands. They offer their automobiles and services to private individuals and businesses on their Private Lease, Financial Lease, and Operational Lease websites.


What we were facing

The previous Private Lease websites of Peugeot, Citroën and DS had been in our management since 2014 and were considered to be outdated. As all websites should be kept up-to-date, the Private Lease websites were in need of an upgrade towards modernization. That is why we proposed a reengineering of the three Private Lease websites that enables the use of the newest applications of development for a design that is in line with the most modern websites. 

Strategy & Approach

How we did it

While the needs and wishes of PSA Finance were central for the reengineering of the Private Lease websites, we considered our role as advisors to be just as important. The main consensus was a shared frontend between the new Peugeot Private Lease, Citroën Private Lease and DS Private Lease websites.   



The beginning of the process was characterized by the meetings between both teams that were meant for the coordination of demands and advice and the planning of design, development and launch.



In cooperation with Agenda, a digital agency specialized in UX, we set up the wireframes for each brand and, after approval, constructed three designs that aimed for the best experience for the users of the websites.

Database share


For the shared frontend, we worked in the newest Angular versions that enable the development of modern features and allow for easier upgrades in the future. To match the backend with the frontend, we upgraded the already shared backend to the newest Laravel version.



The launch was planned for the first week of November 2020 and went as planned in several stages.



The configurator is one of the most complex parts of the new Private Lease websites for it depends on several deeper layers, such as the database of PSA Groupe and the API system of Betterbe, and it is connected to other parties, such as PSA Finance’s Rekenmodule and the websites of Peugeot, Citroën and DS. Despite its complexity, the configurator allows dealers and customers to completely customize the cars to their liking and immediately see the result in a 360 view (interior and exterior) of the car. 


Mijn Private Lease

Another complex part of the new Private Lease websites is Mijn Private Lease. Customers receive a MySpace account at the beginning of their lease contract where they receive notifications regarding their contract, can access and change their information, and contact PSA Finance the Netherlands for their requests.  


What's the catch?

The result of careful planning, modern designs for each brand, upgrades to the newest applications of development, and months of hard work is three faster working, more modern looking, and user friendly websites for PSA Finance the Netherlands. Due to the shared frontend, we are better able to maintain, upgrade, and add features to the new Peugeot Private Lease, Citroën Private Lease and DS Private Lease websites. Consequently, we have never been quicker at fulfilling our client’s requests and they have never seen higher levels of traffic on their websites.      

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