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ServiceNow helps companies automate their workflows. They asked for our expertise for their digital marketing activities. Aside from support for campaign quality and activation drove performance through strategic consulting. We played a significant role in safeguarding the digital advertising landscape above and beyond the latest trends and developments.


What we were facing

KPI Framework: how to integrate KPIs across platforms and select primary KPIs to measure campaign performance and drive action.

Tracking: ensuring every asset was accurately tracked in a diverse digital landscape.
Aggregating cross-platform data and providing optimizations and insights without silos.

Strategy & Approach

How we did it

Selecting the right KPIs is crucial for campaign optimization, reporting, and measuring effectiveness. Using both Tableau and Adobe Analytics data, we drafted a KPI framework and set up a live dashboard.


Intelligent discussions

Tactical discussion across teams.


Selecting KPIs

Establishing primary selection of KPIs.


Set up Live Dashboard

Simple yet extensive dashboard for monitoring.


Monthly Reporting

Rolling out monthly reports with insights and optimizations.


Dashboarding to track performance

Dashboarding in Adobe Analytics to track performance, measure campaign effectiveness and drive optimization across the marketing channels


Improving data insights

We created tons of opportunities from improved data insights


What's the catch?

We took a page from ServiceNow’s book and adapted it to establish a strong set of KPIs that we can use to optimize across platforms. This enables us to make an effective monthly report that gives an overview of campaign performance and insights.

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